Friday, 7 March 2008

Laugh with your kids about religion!

piglet book
Little Piglet and little Hedgehog are two cute beasties that do no harm to nobody, live a happy life and like to explore the big world around them. On a billboard they read “He who knows not God is missing something". So they start out to go looking for God...

The title of this charming book for kids reads "Which is the way to God please?, little Piglet asked", a book for all those who won't let themselves be fooled. It's a book for kids and also for irritated parents of kids arriving at home with strange talk about "sin", "being saved by the Lord" and the like. It is good to have such a book then, which can be pulled from the shelf and looked at with the kids. Humor and laughter as a powerful antidote to religious indoctrination. Online, it is available in English. Enjoy!
Dawkins for kids

To my knowledge, this is the first religion-critic kids book ever. The publisher sells it as "huge fun" ("Heidenspa├č" in German which literally translates to "heathen fun"). Dawkins for kids. Really intelligent, really great. But the German Federal Family Administration has labeled this book as "threatening to youth" and "morally misleading" and wanted to put it on the index. Yesterday, this plea has been rejected by the Federal Inspecting Authority. Just after the decision of the jury, the publisher has placed the order to start printing of the delayed fourth edition. Yeah, well done!

Little Piglet has been saved. More than five thousand supporters (me included) have signed a petition against the ban. If you like the book (sure you will), feel free to use the support link above and sign in. The registration form is in German - here some translation help: Vorname = first name, Beruf/Funktion = profession/function, Stra├če = street address, PLZ = ZIP, Ort = city. Street address and e-mail are not published. I think little Piglet deserves some more support because this might not have been the last attack on kids' freethought. And I strongly hope that a printed English edition is under way.

Photo credit: Das Ferkelbuch

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