Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Collector of freethinker videos

Robert McNally
Robert McNally, over at Ironwolf, is a software programmer, boundary explorer, juggler, and a prolific collector of freethinker videos. I found some very good embedded stuff on his blog. Plus his reasoning for atheism is quite similar to mine, as far as I can tell from the posts I've seen so far. That's why I added him to my blogroll today.

Besides collecting videos, he also debunks false prophets and writes about philosophy and many other issues.

Here's an example I like so much that I decided to repost it here. It is about the fact that evolution is not atheism, the first of a series about the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism.

This fits exactly my view about false mental ties where I stated that:
  • Being religious is not being good.
  • Being religious is not living a meaningful life.
  • Religion is not always helpful in coping.
  • Mind outside of matter is not necessary for free will.
  • Existence of God is not existence of afterlife.

Robert is host of the Carnival of the Godless #87, categorized and summarized, about books, Christians, debate, faith, history, morality, personal journeys, politics, science, and the supernatural.

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