Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A reborn baby rapist

A barrel of hydrochloric acid has been found in the cellar of a house owned by the successful Swiss computer entrepreneur René Osterwalder. In 1993, he was arrested in Amsterdam for planned abduction of children. Videos have been found, showing him abusing babies in an extremely cruel way. Policemen who had to look at these videos needed psychological support for debriefing. The hydrochloric acid, obviously, had been purchased in order to dissolve the dead bodies of the babies after their planned abuse and murder. Osterwalder was sentenced to 17 years of prison in 1998. Recently he has asked to be released because he had converted to God.

Soon after his conviction, Osterwalder claimed to have converted to Jesus. In prison, he spent whole days praying and reading the bible. He even spread his thoughts online, on a website that has been taken down meanwhile. I have found a blurred screenshot where I managed to read the following navigation bar entries (translated from German):
"Do you believe that God exists? One man, two lives, and God. My experiences with God. My salvage by Jesus Christ. My first 6 years in prison. My arrest. My crimes. (...) My sexuality. My youth. My life at one glance."

Perversions of a religious "big loser"

In a big loser diet contest, the winner must be as slim as possible, but this is not enough. Before starting the diet, he must have been as fat as possible. It is the change that counts, not the end result.

Osterwalder, it seems to me, is someone who sees his crimes mainly not as what they are, cruelties to defenseless babies that nearly have killed them. He sees them as opportunities to become a big sin loser. Instead of suffering from his character, he has found a way to feel as a hero. This is disgusting. He only sees himself, which is best illustrated by the constant "my, my, my ..." on his former website.

Unfortunately, he has managed to be featured on the Swiss website He has managed that this site uses his story to illustrate the "power of Jesus", in a complete disproportion. On this Christian site, he is a story, the poor babies are not.

Religion as danger to humanism

Osterwalder's plea for release has been rejected, fortunately. But it is noteworthy that a convicted criminal tries to use religion to escape from punishment. Hopefully, he will stay in prison or other closed institutions for his whole life.

Another danger is the fact that the alleged inner change is not home-grown from a self-responsible being but is the result of a weak character's submission and obedience to rules that come from outside. To rules that are not kept because they are good but because the Bible tells us so. A weak character will be submissive as long as he profits from it, and he may change his mind on next best occasion.

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