Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A prize question

The German Academy of Journalism poses a prize question: "Wozu noch Zeitungen?" - Wherefore still newspapers? Interesting question, and of a kind that I like. That is, a pragmatic question. Sort of take it, test it, and have a look whether the world is still the same after you remove it. Sort of freethought, this time not concerning religion.

Therefore, today, I prefer not to write about the logic of satanism. This must wait because I have to deal with the question of what newspapers can do that other media can't do. Can you kill a fly with a cellphone or a laptop? This is, of course, only 1.6 percent of my answer, and the rules of the contest forbid me to give any more hints.

The first prize is two thousand Euros, the second is a thousand and the third is five hundred. I'm doing it for fun, not for the money. But some nice cash would be fine, though. Wish me luck.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/4ever30something/371586081/

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