Thursday, 28 February 2008

Nordic freedom when Thor ruled

Viking woman
There is only one reasonable way of judging religions: How do they influence the behaviour and the ethical (humanistic) standards of people? Of course, religious people claim a second way, truth. But the truth content of all human religions is equal, that is zero, when measured against standards of scientific knowledge.

This is how women have dressed at the times of the old Vikings, when Thor ruled in Scandinavia. Their gown has been made of one piece of fabric, with an opening in front. The breasts were accentuated by two clasps. In other words, Viking women liked to show what they had, according to new research done by Annika Larsson, University of Uppsala, Sweden.

What a contrast against the veiled muslim women of today. When we look at their bitter fate contrasting to the lives of the proud old Viking women, the judgment of religions must be clearly in favour of Thor. Let's suppose for a moment that the Vikings would have conquered Arabia and installed the religion of Thor there. Let's suppose that the oil sheiks would be Thor adepts still today. You can be sure that 9-11 never would have happened.

Another monotheistic religion has been the end of the sexy open gowns and breast clasps: They have been banned after the conversion of the Vikings to Christianity.

Photo credit: Annika Larsson

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