Monday, 18 February 2008

Greta Christina and her sexy freethoughts

Greta Christina
When I started this blog, among many other things, a blogroll has been on my to-do list. My first idea about such a thing is quality over quantity. You know how huge the blogosphere is and how short my sidebar. The second idea was transparency, letting my readers know why I put a blog on my blogroll. All blogs I put there must be so good that they deserve a review post. And here we are.

I never was in doubt which of all those great blogs in the atheosphere, freethinkosphere and humanosphere should open my blogroll: Greta Christina. The reason is that puzzling feeling of familiarity whenever I read one of her pieces. Something like can she read my thoughts? Of course there is nothing of such mind-outside-of-matter nonsense, but it seems that we share some modes of thinking and looking at facts.

One of the pieces I like very much is one I came across when dealing with a non-religious view of death and coping with death: Comforting thoughts about death that have nothing to do with God. I wish I had written this, really. I like her witty style of writing, her brilliant creativity shown in such pieces as Oscarology. I also like the scientific sharpness of her reasoning. She has no scientific degree but writes as if she had one.

And, last but not least, she is the host of 85th Carnival of the Godless which comes in a "dirty version" illustrated with lots of erotic pulp fiction covers, and a "clean" version with pics that are more earnest but less fun. I have the honour of being included: As far as I can tell from my hits analytics, the hot version is preferred by readers with a ratio of 9:1, and the "hot" visitors spend more time on my post. So I think I may be on the right track.

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