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I have been blogging about news in medical research for ten months now. Using my critical mind, I have come to the conclusion that most of the stuff published in medical journals is of very limited relevance to health in everyday life. Some of my fellow medical bloggers have their main focus on quackery debunking, and all of a sudden I have been fascinated by the parallel of traditional (non-scientific) medicine and religion. Both have evolved long ago in human history, and the function of both is to cope with human problems in body or in mind. Both are in use up to now, despite the fact that science has replaced the old concepts. Altie medicine as well as religion have their adepts who state that the stuff works and that they fare better with it.

Thus, I have included more and more freethinking issues in my medical blog. And now I am at a point where this stuff is getting off-topic at Med Journal Watch and deserves a new blog. I am blogging for pleasure, nobody pays me, so I am free to do as I like.

Positive thinking

My new blog is about joy and pleasure, about adventures of mind, about deep and strong feelings.

My most important point is that all the goals and purposes of religion, that is a meaningful life, respect and love towards other people and nature, a deep awe in front of this wonderful universe and a deep gratitude that we have the opportunity to live in it, - all this is not lost when we leave religion behind. On the contrary, I am going to show that freethinking is a better means to these goals, similar to the fact that science-based medicine outperforms traditional medicine.

About atheism and other -theisms

I hate these labels when they are used without proper definitions. I could call myself an atheist or a pantheist, depending on the exact definition of God. Based on most of the usual definitions, atheist will be the most appropriate. Its drawback is that it gives indirect (negative, but still) credit to theism which this one should not deserve. It's similar to the term nonsmoker that underlines smoking as an important habit.

As said before, I could state that I am an atheist, ex-Christian, to be precise, but I don't find it very useful to stress what I am not believing. I prefer it the positive way: freethinker, humanist.

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